What are external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are actually the expansion of blood vessels located at the end of the anus. The external hemorrhoids appear to worsen internal hemorrhoids, and in contrast, hemorrhoids can no longer be reintroduced by conservative means, and medical intervention, usually surgical, is necessary.   

The lack of internal hemorrhoids causes the formation of external hemorrhoids. When pressure is exerted on the anus, when it is difficult to administer excrement, constipation, poor nutrition, excess weight and pregnancy, these cause the formation of hemorrhoids and, gradually, external hemorrhoids.

It is important to note that after the age of fifty, most of the population may suffer from one level or another of hemorrhoids, due to muscle weakness in the anus and pelvis.

External hemorrhoids symptoms

The external hemorrhoids can be felt by touching your finger. Usually the feeling will be like a small, swollen ball – that’s the hole. Beyond the feeling, external hemorrhoids cause unpleasantness and even pain of varying degrees, especially during an attack.

A feeling of itching in the anal area, difficulty in giving excrement, feeling uncomfortable while walking or sitting, and bleeding from hemorrhoids are common symptoms of external hemorrhoids. Since during an attack of external hemorrhoids it is very difficult to function routinely on a daily basis, effective medical action is needed to ease the condition.

Dealing with external hemorrhoids

There is no doubt that external hemorrhoids are a generally unpleasant condition. Although this is not a life-threatening disease, routine may be painful, especially when walking or exercising. The outer cheek may rub against the undergarments, which can cause pain even during sitting, and even create bleeding.

Although pain can be alleviated with baths and painkillers, they will not provide the necessary treatment to avoid the hemorrhoids and the pain that accompanies them.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids

As opposed to internal hemorrhoids, in which conservative therapeutic measures can be taken, even at home. When it comes to external hemorrhoids, usually ointments and baths will not be useful, because the outer incontinence can not go back inside the anus.

In these cases, a doctor should be consulted by a proctologist who will determine, according to hemorrhoids, the most effective treatment, depending on the severity of the hemorrhoids. Among the effective treatment methods for external hemorrhoids is hemorrhoidectomy; Injecting a chemical into the mucous membranes around the hemorrhoids; Burning of the blackening and freezing of the blackness.

The treatment will be adapted after careful diagnosis by a proctologist, in order to provide the best and most appropriate treatment for the patient.

Prevention of external hemorrhoids

It should be known that even after surgical treatment, there is no guarantee that the hemorrhoids will not return. Hemorrhoids can be created for a variety of different reasons. Therefore, even after a medical treatment, several rules must be followed to prevent them from being re-established.

Good nutrition – rich in fiber to improve the digestive system and prevent constipation, known as the catheter of both internal and external hemorrhoids. Be sure to combine fruits and vegetables in the daily menu, and of course drink plenty of water.

Hygienic hygiene – allows the anal area to be maintained. After fecal matter, it is recommended to clean the anus with moist wipers that prevent rubbing of the area.

Avoidance of exertion – It is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise that may cause pressure on the anus. Do not carry heavy weights.

Avoiding prolonged sitting in the toilet – Prolonged sitting on the toilet creates pressure on the anus, which can create hemorrhoids. It is recommended to lift your feet on a small stool every time you sit in the toilet to keep your back straight.

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