What are the causes for hemorrhoids ?

Most people suffer from painful hemorrhoids at some point in life. Hemorrhoids are caused by swelling of blood vessels in the anus, and this phenomenon, which affects both men and women, stems from a variety of factors, some of which are related to genetics, heredity and others to lifestyle.

Why do we suddenly suffer from painful hemorrhoids? What are the reasons why veins in the anus area swell? And can they be prevented beforehand? Here are all the factors for which we suffer from hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy and Birth –¬†The most common cause of hemorrhoids in women is pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy, blood volume increases and hormones also weaken the ring muscles. The extra weight leads to pressure on the lower part of the pelvis, causing hemorrhoids to appear.

During labor, strong pressure is exerted in the pelvic area, and in combination with the pressure and pressure phase, the veins in the anus expand and the hemorrhoids pop up.

Constipation – The most common cause of people suffering from hemorrhoids is constipation. Fecal difficulty creates pressure in the anus, especially when we try to give excrement and sit for a long time on the toilet. Chronic constipation and persistent difficulties in the administration of feces will cause veins in the anus to swell, leading to psoriasis and hemorrhoids.

Chronic diarrhea – While constipation causes hemorrhoids, chronic diarrhea can also cause hemorrhoids, due to the constant irritation of the rectum.

Exercise – People who engage in strenuous physical activity, especially weight lifting, create constant pressure on the anus. This pressure stimulates the veins and blood vessels, which can cause hemorrhoids. At the same time, lack of physical activity can cause hemorrhoids, as blood flow in the body becomes slower.

High blood pressure in the liver vein – The function of the liver vein is to drain the hemorrhoids. High blood pressure in the liver vein leads to chronic or viral diseases. Drinking too much alcohol also causes swelling of the vein and the occurrence of hemorrhoids

Heart failure – In patients with congestive heart failure, hemorrhoids may occur because the heart can not pump if the blood from the veins is optimal. Swelling of the veins in the anus will create, at some point, hemorrhoids.

Overweight – Obesity is one of the causes of hemorrhoids, due to the heavy body weight that creates pressure on the veins in the anus.

Genetics and age – Hemorrhoids sometimes stem from genetics, and if one member of the family suffers from hemorrhoids, his or her offspring may suffer. As the age increases, the chance of hemorrhoids increases, due to the weakening of the ring muscles.

Stress – Research suggests that stress may also cause hemorrhoids. This may be related to the blood flow in the body when a person is under stress and mental difficulties. A similar effect is obtained even when there is chronic fatigue.

Take Preventive measures

Since most of the causes of hemorrhoids are external, not necessarily related to genetics and age, it is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle, thus minimizing the risk of hemorrhoids. Proper nutrition, rich in fiber and plenty of water will prevent constipation or diarrhea, leading to hemorrhoids.

Even careful exercise, which contributes to optimal circulation of the blood, helps to prevent hemorrhoids. However, it is not really possible to completely prevent hemorrhoids, and therefore, if they are popping and pestering, it is very important to contact a proctologist to adjust treatment in time, before the condition worsens.

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